🏨Chateau Saint-Martin&Spa
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The hotel is a former castle built in the name of the Templar Club in the 12th century, more than 800 years old, leaning against the Vence Hill, overlooking the Cote d ‘Azur facing the Mediterranean Sea
The hotel has won the “z Best Luxury Spa Destination in Europe” award and the spa is branded La Prairie
The hotel’s famous one-Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Saint-Martin, offers sweeping views of the countryside and even the Mediterranean, with ingredients sourced from local producers and the hotel’s kitchen garden.

Here you can:
■ Stroll through Sao Paulo de Vence, the artist town where great artists from Picasso to Matisse have found their inspiration
■ Discover the world famous perfume town Grasse
■ If you wish, you can head south and relax at Nice’s Salea Flower Market.
■ Stroll along the palm-lined English Promenade or the maze of narrow streets of Nice’s Old Town