Iceland is a country with beautiful natural scenery, with a variety of Natural landscape, the most famous of which is the aurora. Aurora is an extremely spectacular natural phenomenon that often occurs in the cold Arctic region. In Iceland, you can enjoy the most magnificent aurora, which is a captivating experience.

Aurora is a kind of natural radiance produced by Solar variation, which often appears in cold winter. When the Solar wind collides with the gas in Atmosphere of Earth, it will produce an ionization phenomenon, thus producing aurora. Aurora can appear in various colors, from green to red, purple, yellow, and so on. In Iceland, the most common colors of aurora are green and purple, and these radiances dance in the night sky, creating an amazing sight.

Appreciating the aurora requires certain conditions, and the first step is to choose the appropriate time. In Iceland, auroras mainly appear in autumn and winter, especially during October to March. At this time, the night is longer and the gas in the atmosphere is more suitable for the generation of aurora. In addition, appreciating the aurora also requires the support of weather conditions. A clear and cloudless night is the best time to enjoy the aurora, as the presence of clouds can block the radiance of the aurora.

Iceland has many places suitable for viewing auroras, the most famous of which is the Golden Circle area. There are many open areas here where you can clearly see the aurora in the sky. In addition, there are also some remote areas, such as Vic in the south, Saida Fiel in the east, and Isafiel in the west, which are also excellent places to watch the aurora.

When appreciating the aurora, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations. Because the weather in Iceland is very cold, it is very important to wear suitable clothing. Thick coats, gloves, hats, and shoes are essential. In addition, it is necessary to bring hot drinks and some snacks to maintain warmth and replenish physical strength while enjoying the aurora.