We sat and drank coffee by the roadside ☕️,
The sun shines on my shoulders and I feel a free man.”

Cambridge is the bridge over the River CAM. As the home of the world’s highest university, the University of Cambridge deserves a visit from every student. Cambridge is not big. You can take a bus from the railway station 🚉 to the city center and visit the city on foot 🚶‍♀️ (see picture 2 with tour map).

🍎 Newton Apple Tree
Sir Isaac Newton 👨‍🎓 The apple tree became famous as a symbol of the spirit of scientific inquiry after an apple fell from the tree and was inspired by gravity.

👑 King’s College
One of the most famous colleges in the University of Cambridge, was founded by King Henry VI of England, hence the name King’s College. A bronze statue of Henry VI stands on the green of the college’s atrium, and a magnificent corner of the college is known as Cairns Corner. ‼ ️ Tickets need to be purchased at the Visitor Center opposite 🎫

⛪️ King’s College Chapel
Its early Renaissance chancel screen, a fine example of chamber Tudor carpentry, separating the vestibule from the choir, has been described as “the finest piece of Italian decoration surviving in England”.

☁️ “Farewell to Cambridge” poem tablet
Just as Xu Zhimo “quietly” came to Cambridge, this poem tablet is also quietly resting on the grass beside the river CAM. The golden willow mentioned in the poem 🌳 is said to be the one near the stone tablet.

♾ Mathematical Bridge
Also known as Newton Bridge, legend has it that Newton himself designed and built it while teaching at Cambridge (although it was actually designed by James Essex the Younger). The whole bridge was originally held in place without a nail and screw 🔩. Later, students in order to explore the mystery of the bridge, once took it apart, but it could not be restored, and had to re-fix it with nails.

🛶 punting point
The boat rider will explain the whole history of Cambridge and tour the colleges and Bridges along the River CAM. 💰 As I recall, there is a bargain and they bring blankets and warm water bags in cold weather. But you don’t always meet Cambridge students, they work very short hours.

🕰 The Corpus Clock
The Eucharist Clock is a large sculptural clock on a street corner in the city centre, an iconic Cambridge attraction, unveiled by Stephen Hawking in 2008. A reminder of the passage of time by a grasshopper 🦗 eating it.

🍻 The Eagle Pub
You can’t walk through the crowds of Cambridge by day without having a drink at this bar at night. Here, on 28 February 1953, Crick and Hun Sen announced the discovery that DNA is a double helix consisting of two nucleotide chains 🧬.