🏪Hotels|Adler lodgeAlpe

🎯Address|Seiser Alm/Alpe di Sissi

🚩• Location
Adler lodgeAlpe is located in northern Italy.
The Dolomitic Mountains at an altitude of over 1800 meters.
It is both a World Heritage Site and the European Plateau.
The hotel is located in the Seiser Alm skiing area.
About 5km away from Compatsch’s cable station.
The nearest ski cable car is a 10 minute walk away.
At a glance, there are all high mountain sheds and barns.
It is the best perspective to appreciate the luxury and romance of the Alps.

📐• Design
The hotel is designed on a hillside with excellent views.
The architectural style adopts traditional Italian wooden cabins.
Mainly constructed from larch and spruce wood as raw materials.
Distributed on snowy terrain, resonating with mountains and snow peaks.

🔲• Guestrooms
The hotel has 18 small suites and 12 small wooden cabins.
Each room has a balcony and terrace facing the Alps.
Opening the curtains, a magnificent picture unfolds before us.
The magnificent scenery of Xueding Mountain Peak is intoxicating.
Cheers to your beloved by the terrace fireplace, savoring the warmth of love.
And quietly gazed at the snowy mountains and vast clouds and mist.

🔶• Public area
In the morning, the hotel restaurant offers a rich buffet breakfast .
Make you energetic to welcome a new day.
At noon, you can also customize all vegetarian dishes according to your requirements .
South Tyrol Afternoon Tea 🍵 And local high-quality wine 🍷.
Let the taste buds fully enjoy their fragrance and richness.
In addition, it is equipped with a sauna ♨️ High mountain hot springs ♨️ And Türkiye bath.
Combining natural wood and traditional highland structures.
A unique health resort that allows you to completely relax both physically and mentally.
The ski trail in SeiserAlm ski area leads directly to the hotel entrance.
The hotel also provides 🏂 Snow tickets and snow equipment rental, very comprehensive.
Allowing you to enjoy the fun of skiing without worrying.
If you want to pursue more adventures.
Dolomitti Mountain is a cable climbing activity 〽️ The Paradise of the Orbit.
Can traverse the rocky terrain along the way with companions.
Climbing to the summit of the Dolomite Mountains .
Looking ahead to the magnificent mountains and vast blue sky in the distance.
You will feel true freedom and excitement.