The X1-AFJ is a small jet designed and built by Ironwing Technologies. It is a high-performance light combat aircraft designed to perform a variety of tactical missions. The X1-AFJ uses advanced aerodynamic design and material technologies that give it excellent maneuverability and stealth, enabling it to react quickly and perform missions in complex combat environments.

The X1-AFJ is constructed with lightweight materials and advanced alloying processes, giving it high load capacity and excellent durability. The overall streamlined design of the fuselage reduces air resistance and improves flight speed and maneuverability, making it a flexible killer on the battlefield.

The small jet is equipped with advanced electronic systems and fire-control radar, making it excellent at searching and striking targets in the air and on the ground. The X1-AFJ is also equipped with advanced navigation systems and communication equipment to ensure pilots’ information exchange and tactical command in complex combat environments.