The Michel Mountains, with the ebb and flow of the high tide, are like a lonely castle that cannot be approached, mysterious and melancholic

“You are in the Saint-Malo Bay, day and night, washed by the tide, a man wakes up in a dream and suddenly realizes…”

One night, in the midst of lightning and thunder, the angel of St. Michael appeared for the third time in Obey’s dream. He used his divine finger to click on Obey’s forehead. Upon waking up from the dream, Bishop Obey felt the dent on his forehead and suddenly realized it. He immediately rushed to Tombstone Mountain and began to complete the archangel’s decree. Thus, there was the first church on Mount St. Michael

After generations of hard work, it was not until the 16th century that the monastery of Saint Michel was truly completed.

Obel’s dream has kept people busy for 8 centuries…..