Miknos (also translated as Miknos) is a small island in the Aegean Sea of Greece, famous for its tourism industry, and is one of the Cyclades Islands. Miconos Island covers an area of 86 square kilometers and has approximately 7000 permanent residents. The entire island is mainly composed of granite, with the highest point reaching an altitude of 364 meters. The freshwater supply on the island mainly comes from seawater desalination.

Miknos is located along the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the sea on all sides, with beautiful scenery and a very advantageous geographical location; The climate type belongs to the Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and humid winters. The temperature changes throughout the year are small, and the climate is comfortable and pleasant. The best time to travel to Miknos is from April to October each year. At that time, you can enjoy the endless coastal scenery and feel the joyful melody of golden waves jumping under the sunshine; You can enjoy the most magnificent sunset scenery between the sea and the sky, and appreciate the magnificent and magnificent beauty of nature.

Characteristics of tourist attractions

  1. Michaelis Island has also experienced war, but now it has nothing to do with any disputes and is referred to by tourists as the “closest island to heaven.”.
  2. So the Michaelis style celestial beach emerged, which is the most popular vacation island for tourists.
  3. Mikos Island has a fresh architectural style with vivid colors, combined with the unique flesh color of the celestial camp here, forming Miknos’s unique color tone. Locals jokingly refer to the blue sky, white houses, and human body as the three primary colors.
  4. In addition to sightseeing, Miknos Island also has more enjoyable programs. It is truly famous for its celestial beaches and nightlife, the world-renowned Paradise Beach. This is a legendary “gay beach”. There was originally a paradise beach not far from here, but later comrades discovered it again, making it even quieter and more secluded. So this has become their ideal place again. Coming here will definitely broaden your horizons. Because here are both men and women, freely enjoying the “celestial bath”. Not far away is a harbor windmill, built in the 16th century, with thatched roofs. Here, you can see the beautiful scenery of the entire island, so Miknos is also called Windmill Island.


  1. Take a flight from Athens Airport and arrive in about 45 minutes, with a ticket price of 76 euros;
  2. Take a ferry to the island;
    In ancient Greek mythology, the island of Michaelis was the site of a holy war between Zeus and the Titans. The bones of the defeated Titan giant fell into the Aegean Sea, forming the island of Michaelis.


  1. In June 2010, Greece was deeply embroiled in an economic crisis, unable to repay loans, and had no funds to develop infrastructure for its islands. It had to list and sell or lease some islands for a long time to raise funds.
  2. The top Greek resort island of Mykonos is one of the islands for sale, with one-third of the island area owned by the state. The Greek government hopes that buyers can inject funds to turn the purchased island land into a luxury tourist destination.
  3. Selling islands not only provides employment opportunities for the Greek people, but also allows the government to receive taxes. Greek government officials have stated that doing so is shameful and sorry to the Greek people, but at least it indicates that the government is doing its best to solve the domestic economic crisis.Various perspectives

Various perspectives

  1. Greece wants to sell islands, and buying and selling islands is not what we imagine, that is, selling land. It is not such a concept, because in the world, buying and selling islands through long-term leasing is already a fashion among some top billionaires. Moreover, many countries, especially island countries, such as Canada, regard buying and selling islands as a legal thing and a main way to generate income for economic development. Therefore, we cannot elevate this matter to a very shameful level. For Greece, opening up an economic source by buying and selling islands or renting islands for a long time may not be a forced action or the worst policy, because its economic structure is very inherent. Fragile, how to open up a relatively new source of finance, it can make many attempts.
  2. We can see that this matter itself was proposed by two German legislators. We know that throughout the development of the Greek crisis, Germans were not very cooperative at the beginning and were very opposed to rescuing Greece. In such a situation, if two German legislators suggested that Greece sell the island to repay its debt, this emotional acceptance may be more difficult for Greece than selling the island itself. I think we can approach this matter from a fundamental perspective, which is how Greece can find more ways to escape the current crisis and raise more funds to solve its public debt problem. I think it may be better from a simple perspective.
  3. From a purely revenue generating perspective, how much can Greece play through the sale and rental of these islands? Greece’s GDP may be around 250 billion euros per year, but its public debt is over 300 billion euros. Of course, Greece has more than 6000 islands, many of which are very beautiful and suitable for tourist resorts. These islands themselves cannot all be sold out, and for Greece, the fundamental root cause of its economic problems is its weak economic structure and foundation. Its main pillars are the shipping industry and tourism industry. After the economic crisis, these two areas will be the first to be affected, and its economic structure is very fragile.
  4. In the process of development, it mainly relies on borrowing to develop. When the economy is prosperous, of course, borrowing new debt to repay old debt can solve the problem. However, once the economy declines, the entire chain will collapse. Therefore, I believe that for Greece, selling islands can be considered as a source of fundraising. However, the fundamental root cause still lies in solving its own economic structure problems, which still lies in compressing public debt expenditures. If the problem is not fundamentally solved by not compressing public spending, implementing tight fiscal policies, and fundamentally rebuilding its economic structure, selling islands alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem.