It is always much easier to treat oneself than to treat others. Many people do not completely mistreat themselves, but more of their power is spent on treating others. We can reflect on this: whenever we do this, do we really want to benefit others deep down, or do we want to change others into the way we expect them to be? Although the original intention is often for the good of others, even so, the effect is often not good.

The truth is actually very simple. When we persist in changing others with various attachments such as greed and anger, it ultimately boils down to fulfilling our own wishes. Even though there may be areas that benefit others at times, due to the persistent participation of greed and anger, our intentions are no longer pure, and it is difficult to consider problems from the perspective of others, grasp the way things are done, and the pace of things. We need to treat ourselves, clean up our troubles and stains, and the purpose of doing so is to truly benefit others. It can be imagined that through the absence of greed and resentment in governance, one can truly consider others from their perspective and care about their feelings. If possible, one can naturally more accurately and completely benefit others; If fate is not yet sufficient, at least one will not force or even cause harm due to their own persistence.