It’s a funny thing in France,
It’s raining. People don’t like umbrellas.

In Paris, it is usually because the rain always comes suddenly, and it goes away as quickly as it comes. The patter of rain, falling from the grey sky that is characteristic of Paris, is the degree to which clothes are lightly wet and the city.

Occasionally there is pouring rain, but in many cases, it is only the length of ten minutes of chatting with the strange rain shelter people who join together under the eaves.
I remember very few days when it rained heavily for a whole day.

I also asked Yan, why don’t you French like umbrellas?
He said that in addition to the small rain, stop quickly, there are lazy people, expensive umbrellas, too troublesome.
And of course,
Love the rain.
Like running in the rain.
I like the feeling of rain falling through my hair.
Like and like the people walking together in this misty rain shrouded in the city.

I am actually a sunny person, once did not like rainy days very much. But the rain that washed the filthy streets of Paris, soaked the vast monuments, and jumped on the Ottoman buildings, made me think:

“It seems rainy days aren’t so bad after all.”