Positano is a dreamland. When you are here, he is not very real. After you leave, he becomes lifelike

——John Steinbeck

🤍 About Positano

Positano is a small town located along the Amalfi Coast in the Campania region of Italy, known for its colorful houses and beautiful beaches. It is the backyard of celebrities.•

🚊 Transportation mode

▪️ Accommodation/Relay Station Selection:

The best transportation and accommodation relay station on the Amalfi Coast is Sorrento, where you can reach various towns along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento; Departing from Naples/Rome, you can take a train to Sorrento.

▪️ Upon arrival, take the Sita Blue Bus from outside the train station 🚌 Go to Positano. It runs approximately once an hour and costs approximately 1.5 euros.

▪️ Trip app to buy train tickets from multiple locations in Europe 🎫, No booking fee, and supports multiple languages and currencies.•

‼️ matters needing attention

▪️ The name of the bus station should be called by the driver when getting on or off the bus. It is recommended to use a mobile phone to locate and navigate for fear of not listening clearly.

▪️ It is recommended to arrive 10 minutes before departure during the peak season from July to August and queue up in advance to avoid affecting the itinerary.

▪️ Driving towards the Amalfi Coast, sit on the right side (opposite the driver’s position) to enjoy the Mediterranean scenery

▪️ Amalfi Coast has many winding paths, so it is recommended to bring motion sickness medication•

📍 Travel suggestions:

In the evening, it is recommended to come and play in summer. The light is softer and more radiant, as too much sun exposure can affect the experience. If you have time, you can stay for 1-2 days and stroll along the coastline to experience the slow life of local residents on the island•

🤍 Positano Scenic Spots:

📍 Chiesa di Santa Caterina

A lovely little church with a Mediterranean style ⛪ :·

📍 Positano Cathedral of Notre Dame Ascension

The landmark of Positano·

📍 Positano Beach

Here you can capture the house on the cliff 🏠 Note that the lounge chair is charged·

📍 Positano (Sponda) bus stop

Here you can take classic photos of Positano, super beautiful·

🏨 Recommended accommodation:

📍 LE SIRENUSE is a world-renowned Sirenuse hotel, a noble mansion

📍 IL SAN PIETRO DI POSITANO is a star rated hotel on the coast, located two kilometers from Positano

📍 HOTEL PALAZZO MURAT has attracted many guests with its 18th century botanical courtyard

📍 HOTEL POSEIDON Hotel is a beautiful villa surrounded by beautiful gardens