🏛 Hotels|Zannier Hotels Sonop
⛳ Address|Hardap Region, Namibia

🚩• Location
The hotel is located in southern Namibia.
Located on rocks in the Namibian desert.
It is the oldest desert in the world.
Due to its location at low latitudes in the southern hemisphere.
Becoming the most suitable region for stargazing worldwide.
This place is isolated from the world, wild and luxurious.

🚩• Design
The hotel is built on the giant rocks of Huayan Hill.
The theme is the 1920s British adventure style.
The mud colored canvas hut seems to have dissolved in the rock layers on the ground.
Exquisite and spacious tents, arranged in a staggered and orderly manner.
Each tent is supported by a wooden deck on rocks.
Firstly, it serves as a reinforcement, and secondly, it is used as a private landscape terrace.
Intended to provide a unique journey through time and space.

🚩• Public area
Public areas include reception areas, rest areas, and restaurants.
Located at the top of the stone pile, one can enjoy the most beautiful scenery.
Spa center 💦 Located in the soft gravel at the bottom.
All areas are made of a single wooden strip ⚰ Stackway connection.
Along the way, the desert landscape is constantly changing.
Occasionally, animals gallop past 🐪 They are the masters of this place.
swimming pool 🏊🏻 Just like a magical oasis in the desert.
Except for the thermostatic swimming pool by the desert 🏊🏻 And bars .🍷
And outdoor cinemas 🎥 Sanatorium, fitness center 🏋🏻 stable. 🐎
And an ambitious restaurant in the culinary fiel.d 🍽
The choices for outdoor activities include hot air balloons 🎈 Electric bicycles .
At the top of the sand dune, you can enjoy the delicacies prepared by a private chef.

You can also choose to watch a newly released sunset movie at the infinity pool.