“All men are created equal” is a statement advocated by most people and also a belief held by the majority. However, people are not equal. Although they are all brought into this world by their parents, and although their physical structures are the same, there are significant differences in their thoughts and consciousness. Although this difference may not appear on the surface, it is precisely because of it that success and failure, wealth and poverty, extraordinary and mediocre exist.

Failed people always complain about their bad luck and make excuses for their failures, saying that if the god of luck stands on their side, they will achieve success. Similarly, poor and destitute people often lament their fate and believe that wealthy people are born with a sense of wealth. They imagine that if they were also born with a sense of wealth, they would definitely be richer than wealthy people. The main difference between extraordinary and mediocre is not whether one has a strong physique, but rather in one’s thoughts and spirit, and in one’s mind. Otherwise, those great people must also be the strongest in physique.

On the long journey of life, it is the mind that enables us to transcend the environment and overcome difficulties. If we deeply understand the creativity of thought, we can see that its effectiveness is very amazing.

Everything in the world is not chaotic, but follows certain laws. Just like the laws in the material world, there are also laws in the human spiritual world. Various laws have been controlling our moral and spiritual world.

Please always remember that our thoughts are the source of ability and strength, because relying on external help makes us weak. As long as you are willing, you can become a strong helper of others rather than a weak one being helped. Quickly adjust yourself, hold your head high and chest high, with a positive attitude, and without hesitation, immerse yourself in your ideas to create miracles.