“We are on African soil, riding horses, shooting arrows, telling the truth…”
“At the foot of the Ngong Mountains in Africa, there is a farm. The Ngong Mountains stretch more than a hundred miles to the north,
The equator cuts across here. The farm is over 6,000 feet above sea level.
The mornings and evenings here are quiet and the visibility is very high.
During the day, you will feel as if you are standing tall and the sun is close at hand.
Late at night, the temperature drops sharply and it’s very cold.”
“It has a unique landscape on the earth, this seems to be purified African land, exudes a unique atmosphere, standing on this land, the vision is extremely broad, everything you see is very great, very free, and has never been incomparable noble…”
“Spring is here, everything is growing, and the land of Africa is alive…”