Is the 2024 Paris Olympics too romantic.
The opening ceremony of this Olympic Games will be held on the Seine River.
Have you arranged your travel plan yet? The guide has been prepared for you, 🐎 Stay and take your time.

🔹 Recommended itinerary (customizable according to needs)
D1: Louvre ➡️ Jardin des Tuileries ➡️ Champs – É lys é es Avenue
D2: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris ➡️ Musee de l’Orangerie
D3: Eiffel Tower ➡️ Seine Cruise ➡️ Palace of Versailles
D4: Nice Coast ➡️ Monaco ➡️ Nice
D5: Nice ➡️ Cannes ➡️ Grass
D6: Glass ➡️ Provence

🔹 Activity recommendations
🗼 Watching beach volleyball matches at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.
🔫 Watching archery competitions in the “Rongjun Academy”.
Bicycles watching bicycle races on the Champs – É lys é es Boulevard.
🥊 Watching swordsmanship and Taekwondo competitions in the Grand Palace.
🐎 And the equestrian competition will be held at the famous Palace of Versailles in Paris.

⚠️ matters needing attention

  1. There are incidents of theft and robbery among Chinese tourists visiting France. Tourist attractions, shops, subways, and train stations in France are high-risk areas for robbery cases.
  2. When taking a car, do not place valuable items on your seat or lap to avoid becoming the target of robbery by speeding criminals.
  3. Apply for a visa in advance ‼️
    France belongs to the Schengen countries, and if you want to travel to Europe before and after the Olympics, the French Schengen visa will be your top choice
  4. Remember to apply for insurance ‼️