The Spiritual Healing Hot Spring Hotel at the 800-year Blue Lake Volcano Crater in Iceland
——The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Greendavik is located in the Reykyanis Peninsula in southwestern Iceland, approximately 39 kilometers from the city of Reykyanis.

Built in a lava wilderness with a history of 800 years, this is a famous extinct volcano. Due to the presence of various minerals in the water, the water is blue and has been rated as one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic. Part of the buildings are hidden on the surface, perfectly integrated with the Blue Lake and the landscape.

Blue Lake is the largest hot spring in Iceland, with a perennial water temperature of about 40 ° C. The lake water is rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur, and has obvious beauty and moisturizing effects. It is known as a “natural beauty salon”.

The natural resources on site, including mineral water, lava, century old moss, etc., are not only the main source of design inspiration, but also the focus of each room.

The residents feel harmonious coexistence with Iceland’s natural environment and its primitive powers, while also enjoying leisure in their secluded places.

The hotel has 62 elegant suites, with undulating lava views outside the floor to ceiling glass windows and an almost palpable lava flow outside the terrace, allowing you to fully enjoy the poetic warmth from nature.

The Lava Cove spa, carved in volcanic soil, is the core part of the entire hotel. The spa respects nature and is the design spirit of the entire hotel and spa.

Featuring an underground hot spring spa, it also features a hot stone steam room and sauna, showering beams of light into the room, allowing the mind and body to enjoy instant peace.

Indoor SPA offers professional and personalized services, ranging from dry steaming, steam, massage to soaking pools, to the selection of mineral salts, silica, and algae. A spa can mobilize all human senses and provide the ultimate enjoyment from the inside out.