📍| 🔺 LANZAROTE is one of the seven islands in the Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean in Spain.
🔺 This is a volcanic island located at the northernmost end of the archipelago, formed approximately 19 million years ago.
🔺 Featuring a unique volcanic landscape that contrasts sharply with the blue of the Atlantic, the island boasts a surprisingly lush and beautiful flora, and the village is filled with small white houses. Here, nature and art coexist.

⏳| Best Times
September October (less wind, longer sunshine, and more suitable temperature)

✈️| Transportation itinerary
🔺 aircraft 🛫 Lanzarote Airport connects many major European cities, including direct flights to London, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and other destinations
🔺 ferry ⛴ You can take a ferry to Lanzarote from other islands in the Canary Islands, such as Grand Canary and Tenerife.
🔺 in the island 🚕 I strongly recommend renting a car for travel. The transportation on the island is inconvenient and the scenic spots are far away. Bring your driver’s license with you~

🌋| Recommended tourist attractions:
🔺 La Geria Volcano Vineyard
There is a large volcanic vineyard near the Volcano Park. Due to the lack of water here, fish scale pits are used to store water, which looks like it’s on the moon. Due to the abundant grape production here, the local wine cannot be missed.

🔺 Ard í n de Cactus Cactus Garden
The cactus garden on the island is also worth visiting. After entering the park, it feels like entering a fairy tale world. After watching it, you can sit in the coffee shop and take a break.

🔺 Timonfaya Volcano Park
One of the landmarks of Lanzarote, the park covers nearly 200 square kilometers, more than a quarter of the entire island. The park fully embodies the ingenuity of nature and was formed by more than 100 volcanic craters erupting continuously for six years in 1730.

🔺 Papagayo Beach
The pristine beach is surrounded by cliffs and cliffs. If you’re interested, you can consider climbing up to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach. There are also two seafood restaurants nearby, so if you’re hungry, you can try them.

🔺 El Charco de San Gin é s Lake Saint Guinness
Located in the center of Arrecife, Yanshui Lake is a great place for bird watching, food tasting, and walking.