🏛 Homestay | SO/Maldives
⛳ Address | Sofitel So Island, Maldives

🚩 • Location
The hotel is located on a five-star island in Maldives and is specifically designed for exploration.
It takes 15 minutes by boat from Male International Airport to arrive.
Embark on this private island amidst the idyllic archipelago.
You can overlook the lagoon of the CROSSROADS resort in Madai.
This area is the first comprehensive fashion and leisure destination in Maldives.
Introducing a new generation of luxury experiences for contemporary adventurers.

📐 • Design
Hotels draw inspiration from the charm and brilliance of the fashion industry.
SO/Maldives is offering customized full villa accommodations.
And sensory experiences rooted in fashion and art.
Reshaping the luxurious island vacation experience is a model of inclusive luxury.
Very suitable for those who want to live in this desirable place of seclusion.
Young couples, couples, and groups of friends who appreciate fashion taste.

🕋 • Room
The hotel offers 80 fashionable seaside and water villas.
There are 53 water villas and 27 beach villas.
Designed specifically for open living spaces with panoramic ocean views.
It is a model of modern luxury and iconic artistic style.
Each villa is equipped with a private swimming pool and terrace.
No matter which building, it is only a few steps away from the peaceful and pleasant waters.

🔶• Public area
Restaurant and Bar.
Dining experiences are diverse and diverse in style.
The Citronelle Club offers all-day leisure dining with Asian flavors.
Join the Tianqingshi Beach Club that offers Mediterranean cuisine.
And then at the signature restaurant Hadaba with endless sea views.
Enjoy Levant cuisine and experience the atmosphere and aroma of Arabian Night.

Tianqingshi Beach Club.
From sunrise to sunset, you can always enjoy the exquisite and fun.
Experience unique rhythms by the pool or on the beach.
You can choose from the pool side dining menu and creative cocktails.
Discovering rich and colorful cultures in relaxed melodies.
Health Camp
Whether you prefer an active or relaxed way.
You can all retire to our peaceful health and wellness camp.
There are rainforest bathrooms and steam bathrooms with Vicki here.
Customized spa center with sauna and modern organic nursing room.
And a top-notch gym with sea views to enjoy.

The Nest provides a complete range of toys and games in the children’s area.
Teenagers have their own dedicated area for activities.
There are dedicated game rooms and outdoor terraces.
People who enjoy experiencing nature can go to the water sports center on the beach.
The Link
You can take a walk along the water pier or at a high-end fashion show.
Appreciate fashion shows in The Link’s transparent hall.
At this moment, you are also a beautiful scenery in the eyes of others.
Resting in the rest area and enjoying the charming sea scenery.