The 28th tram has been tinkling for a century,

Every corner is illuminated by the sunset,

As it slowly passes by your side,

The light of the setting sun shines on the car, on the face, and in every corner,

You will remember Fernando Pessoa’s words:

Today, in a certain segment of those daydreams, in those daydreams that are neither purposeful nor dignified, but have always been an important part of my spiritual essence in life, I imagine that I am forever free, free from Dorado Rez Street, free from Boss V, free from M accountants and all employees, free from small clerks, free from postal workers, and even free from cats Freedom gives me a feeling, like some magical islands that have never been discovered before, as a gift to the southern ocean. Freedom means rest, artistic achievement, and the expression of wisdom in my life

——The Record of Anran