Introduction to Montreux
Montou, which is also located on the shores of Lake Geneva with Lausanne, is a small and beautiful town, itself famous for being in the world famous mineral spring area, in addition to its mild climate and the beautiful Lake Geneva, Montou has become the most popular resort for many dignitaries.

Mengtou because it is the favorite of many dignitaries for their holidays, so there are many high-end holiday hotels gathered here, and some rich people even buy luxury homes in Mengtou as vacation villas, but also because of the gathering of these rich people, Mengtou came into being with many famous beauty institutions, including La Prairie, which is famous for living cell injection therapy, also stopped here. In addition, Montou is also a concentration of catering management schools and private boarding schools, and all the nouns that are equivalent to “rich families” are gathered here.

Although rich people come with a lot of money, but Mengtou does not have a tacky smell of money, on the contrary, here has a strong holiday leisure atmosphere. On the six-mile Flower Trail by Lake Geneva, with beautiful palm trees waving in the wind and bright flowers on the side, the walk along the lake is easy to walk. The rolling vineyards nearby give Montou a rustic pastoral feel.

In addition, Montou hosts famous art festivals every year, such as the Montou Jazz Festival in July, which gives this lovely town a romantic jazz atmosphere.