📍| Bali
🗺| Science popularization time .
🔺 Bali, an Indonesian island with a total area of approximately 5620 square kilometers, is located at the equator and has a typical tropical rainforest climate.

🔺 There are various landforms on the island, with coasts and mountains coexisting. Known as the “Island of Paradise,” “Island of Poetry,” and “Island of Immortals,” it has been selected as one of the “best places in the world.”

🌞| best Times
April to September is the best tourist season in Bali·
💼| Preparation before departure
🔺 Passport, small amount of cash; Be sure to prepare gastrointestinal medicine, motion sickness medicine, and mosquito repellent; Wear summer clothes, skirts, short sleeves, sun hats, etc; Also, sunscreen and moisturizing products·
📃| Entry Notice
🔺 Prepare the original passport with a validity period of at least 6 months; Scan the code to fill out the Indonesian customs declaration form; Present the return flight ticket; Landing visa (available online) $35/50000 Indonesian rupiah.
✈️| Transportation and accommodation
🔺 Direct flight
🔺 Transfer: Common transfer locations include Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, etc
🔺 After arrival, there is usually a hotel pick-up service. If you don’t have one, you can contact the local charter car company to pick up the airport.
🔺 There are many well-known luxury hotels here, so there will be a lot of options for accommodation.

🏖| Recommended tourist attractions
🔺 LekeLake

Due to the topography of Bali, there are more than ten waterfalls of all sizes, all over the place. I suggest that you and the driver plan your route and go to the two scenic spots you pass by on the way.
🔺 Terraced swing (Ubud)

Jay Chou’s Rice Fragrance MV was filmed here, where the terraced fields all offer a large swing service. It is recommended to wear a long tail red dress or a white dress, as well as a special feature of a full screen green color scheme.
🔺 Volcano (Batur Mt. Batur)

There are two volcanoes in Bali: Mount Agon, with an altitude of 3142 meters, which is revered by the locals as a “sacred mountain” and also known as the “navel of the world”. Mount Batur, with an altitude of 1717 meters, is equally magical.
🔺 Chasing Dolphins (Lovina)

Chasing dolphins in Bali is a must check in internet celebrity project. Chasing wild dolphins in a natural amusement park is really enjoyable.
🔺 Nusa Lembongan

The pristine white beach, lush slopes, and blue seawater, as well as the rich and colorful coral reefs and marine life complement each other.
🔺 Nyang Beach
A cliff on the southwest coast of Bali is said to be a place where a group of young men and women who fell in love but were obstructed by their parents jumped into the sea to sacrifice their love. Therefore, many couples come here to check in and hope for a beautiful and long-lasting love.

🔺 Temple of Lempuyang Luhur

BBC rated it as one of the must visit attractions in life, a gateway to good and evil set against the backdrop of Mount Agon. Shooting excess films in the morning and at sunset.
🔺 Diving (Turanben Tulamben)

Located in a small town northeast of Bali, it is one of the 50 most beautiful diving destinations in the world. The two most exposed diving spots (Liberty Wreck and Coral Garden) are both shore diving.