🙋‍ The resort offers superb dining service, five restaurants and bars for one price all inclusive
🙋‍ Maldives longest sea slide island, can be paddled directly from the house into the sea
🙋‍ All rooms have a private swimming pool starting from 265㎡ with glass floor and direct view of underwater fish
🙋‍ Free 100% organic spa, diving water activities, equipment included
🙋‍ Kid-friendly Island, a popular children’s island educational treasure hunt.

Aozhenritze has 90 rooms in 9 types, including a slide room with an Instagrammable Red Sea slide that slides directly from the room into the sea. The rooms are 88 square meters in size, and all room types have a private pool, and all water rooms have glass floors.

The hotel has 8 restaurants and bars where guests can dine while enjoying stunning views of the Maldives and the Indian Ocean. It offers a variety of dining experiences and cuisines, including traditional Indian cuisine, beach Middle Eastern cuisine, delicious seafood dishes, and premium wines and champagne.

Set in lush tropical gardens, the Talis SPA is a signature of the island, an award-winning, top-notch spa. ! In addition to adults, the island also has a special children’s club, with a variety of children’s activities, very friendly to parent-child family travel.