🏛 Hotel | ALULA Banyan Tree Hotel.

⛳ Address | El Ora, northwest Saudi Arabia.

🚩• Location
Located in the ancient environment of the Ashar Valley.
A villa style luxury resort hidden within 10000 square meters.
In Ashar Valley.
The intersection of prehistoric rock art and futuristic villas here.
Banyan Tree AlUla is a journey through time and space.
A charming holy land suspended in time and space.
This is also the latest resort of Banyan Tree in the world to settle in a hotel in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

📐• Design
ALULA Banyan Tree was designed by AW2.
Inspired by the natural environment of Ashar Valley.
Designers prioritize the protection of natural beauty and rich heritage sites.
Integrating the unique desert environment between rock layers and ancient ruins.
Efforts have been made to conceal the traces of buildings in the Ashar Valley in an environmentally friendly manner.
Independent tent clusters are almost seamlessly embedded in the Gobi Desert·

🕋• Room
Creating a feeling of indoor and outdoor integration in interior design space.
Help guests feel connected to nature.
The hotel has 47 luxury tent suites.
Featuring single bedroom villas, two bedroom pool villas, and three bedroom pool villas.
Starting from 77 square meters, each villa is equipped with a panoramic terrace.
Being able to lie and see the natural beauty of sand dunes and rocky cliffs without any obstacles.

🔶• Public area
The public area includes two gourmet restaurants, a swimming pool, and a luxurious spa center.
AIban full-time restaurant offers local Saudi cuisine and international cuisine.
Saffron’s signature Thai restaurant offers Thai cuisine and refreshing drinks.
The swimming pool is located in a natural fault between rocks.
It reminds people of the Wadis River that appeared at the foot of the cliff when it rained.
Experience the unique immersive luxury spa in the Gobi Desert.
The facade is made of compacted sand, and the changes in horizontal colored sand lines match the rock layers in the background.
The ancient rock walls around make people feel like caves from thousands of years ago.
Relax in the towering sandstone mountain range.
As dusk approached that day, soaking in the swimming pool and gazing at the spectacular desert, a golden hue appeared, every moment was stunning.