We have organized the Sydney homestays that are both easy to stay and have great views for you! The Sydney hidden plane beyond the film has arrived! By port ⚓ Beach 🏖️、 Opera House, Harbour Bridge 🌉 What are the niche slots in Sydney, which 99% of tourists cannot find?


✔️ You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge through the window, don’t forget to take photos with your friends!
✔️ Walk to the circular pier to explore the city center
✔️ Drinking the wine prepared by the landlord, sign for a sunset postcard sent by the evening breeze of the Sydney Opera House!

🏠 Luxury Apartment Overlooking City and Darling Harbour

✔️ You don’t need to go out to check in on the beautiful scenery of Darling Harbor, and if you’re lucky, you can also gather on the balcony to watch a fireworks show!
✔️ Is it easy to walk to the museum and dock.

Bondi Cloud Surf House by ★ Sydney Dreams

✔️ 180 degree all sea view apartment, enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Bondi Beach without blind spots!
✔️ Just walk 2 to reach the beach, don’t miss the opportunity to check in with your friends at the beach swimming pool!