A Greek noble mansion with a history of more than 200 years has been built by a postmodern owner and turned into a hotel called “House of Sacred”

😈scared house
📍 Turkey Cappadocia
🏰 “Century-old Castle where Bill Gates clocked in”
🧙‍ Medieval style is evident throughout the courtyard and room details. Climbing vines century-old trees, sea bream Medusa totems…. When night falls, a vampire castle comes to life 🏰

🧝‍ The retro and mysterious atmosphere attracts many tourists to punch in! Punch in Bill Gates hotel 🌠.
🤫 “The Pool of Hell seven meters underground”
🏰 The most distinctive feature of the hotel is the “blood pool” on the first floor, which is built 7 meters underground. Listen to classical music in the ear, soak into the constant temperature of the pool ❣….

Hotel 21 rooms, each room theme style is different, off-season to go to the room type choice will be more ~.

📸 Clock in
The spiral staircase, full of medieval flavor, walking on the steps in a dress, as if you were transported to two hundred years ago

The rooftop is a garden at the same time as the rooftop. Look at the grass and trees below from the master’s perspective. You are Edward from Twilight

Restaurant, the overall style is red vampire wind, special decoration style, special dinner ❗

🏨 Hotel: Sacred House, Sacreed House
📍 Address: Dutlu Cami Mahallesi, Barbaros Hayrettin Sokak N 25, Urgup, Nevsehir, Turkey