⛪ Homestay | Stylish house in Cotignac w/pool+panoramic view.
🎯 Location | Provence Alpes C ô te d’Azur, Cotignac, France.

💎| Highlights
🔺 The homestay is located next to the famous troglodyte cliff, surrounded by stunning scenery that overlooks the stunning village.
🔺 There is a swimming pool in the homestay garden, with clean and clear water surrounded by flowers, plants, and vegetation, which is very pleasant.
🔺 The living facilities are relatively complete, with three bedrooms that can accommodate five people, but none of them have air conditioning.
The most beautiful thing is undoubtedly the stunning window view, which can be said to be at four o’clock and four o’clock. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are all very beautiful.
🔺 In autumn, there are maple leaves in the garden, so having a cup of coffee here and chatting about the innocence is super comfortable.

💫| Experience
🔺 The house is hidden and comfortable, truly feeling like a gem hidden in Provence, with stunning gardens and swimming pools.
🔺 The window in the room offers a panoramic view of the Nanfa village, where you can enjoy the stunning sunset and super chill.
🔺 In summer, there is no air conditioning, but in winter, there is heating and the living facilities are relatively complete.
🔺 Excellent location, just a few minutes’ walk to one of the most beautiful villages in Provence.
🔺 Accommodating 5 people is very suitable for family or friends to travel and stay, but the homestay has stone steps that need to be climbed, and the elderly and children need to be careful.

🏖| Surroundings
🔺 There are restaurants, bars, and wineries in the village, as well as outdoor concerts and movies in the summer.
🔺 A few minutes’ walk will take you to Cotignac, one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. It is an award-winning town in Provence that is charming in both winter and summer.