🏨 Hotel name: Le Negresco Marina
🏷 Brand: LHW Liding World
⏰ Opened: 1913
📍 France · Nice

【 Hotel highlights 】
▪️ The only Art “Museum Hotel” in Nice, France
▪️ has several world-class art collections
▪️ Weilan Shoreline preferred Resort Hotel
▪️ Earls, Dukes and royals everywhere
▪️117 rooms in Art Deco, Baroque and Classical styles
▪️ has a prestigious restaurant with two Michelin stars

Built in 1912, the hotel’s distinctive pink dome was designed and built by Eiffel Tower designer Gustave Eiffel, and this magnificent hotel is more than 100 years old and is listed as a national historic building by the French government.

The biggest feature of the hotel is that it has a number of world-class art collections, the current owner JeanneAugier is an art connoisseur, with a unique artistic taste and extraordinary appreciation of the eye, all the rare antiques and historical paintings in the hotel are spent his life to collect.

Rooms: There are only 117 rooms, including 21 suites, each of which has been carefully decorated and personalized, with a variety of magnificent antique furniture. Historic paintings and rare antiques complement each other, giving the hotel a rich and unusual artistic atmosphere.

Restaurant: There is the prestigious Chantecler restaurant with two Michelin stars, the fine art of platting, and a wine collection of 15,000 bottles. If you want a sense of form, La Rotonde Carousel restaurant, colorful fairy tale world with baroque ceiling, romantic and dreamy.