🏨 Hotel name: Lausanne Palace Hotel & Spa
🏷 Brand: LHW Liding World
⏰ Opened: 1951
📍 Lausanne, Switzerland

【 Hotel highlights 】
▪️ Top Luxury Spa Lausanne Old Town Centre ▪️ One of the landmarks of Lausanne city centre
▪️ offers unparalleled views of Lake Geneva and the Alps
▪️ With just 146 rooms, the room terrace offers lake views
▪️ The Cbe concept spa attracts rich people from all over the world

Lausanne Palace & Spa is the most magnificent luxury hotel in the centre of the Old Town of Lausanne. It is an important part of the historic heritage of Lausanne and one of the landmarks of the city centre. With unparalleled views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, the hotel’s appearance matches the character of the Old Town of Lausanne. The magnificent beige exterior walls and the red roof above the Windows of the rooms stand out. It is easy to feel the elegance and nobility of the French.

Rooms: The hotel has 146 rooms, including 31 deluxe suites, the size of the room is the largest in Europe, but also with a beautiful private terrace, enjoy the old city view and the distant lake mountain.

Dining: Four restaurants, led by one-Michelin-starred chef Edgard Bovier, offer a wide range of dishes to suit the tastes of food lovers from Paris, the Mediterranean and Japan. Guests can also enjoy access to the hotel’s private wine cellar, where they can enjoy wines from the nearby World Heritage site, the Lavaux Vineyard.

SPA: The hotel founded the world famous spa center, this spa center with unique concepts and means, attracting wealthy people from all over the world to come to receive restoration, maintenance treatment, become one of the biggest charm of the hotel.

Service: The hotel not only has perfect modern facilities, but also sticks to the quality service that has been consistent for 100 years. Lausanne Hotel School is the world’s most famous training base for senior hotel management professionals, and Lausanne’s superior hotels are also places that set the benchmark and demonstration for the hotel service industry.