🔆Echo Camp

The Antarctic continent is known as the seventh continent.
It is the last continent discovered on Earth.
Its natural landscape is so far the world’s.
A perfect, unique, and beautiful existence.
The iceberg rises into the clouds like a carved cathedral.
The icy ocean is as pure as jade, whales and dolphins in the waves.
Groups of penguins showcase their unique charm.

Near the Drygalski Ice Tongue in Antarctica.
There is a place called EchoCamp located here.
The exterior consists of 12 buildings in the shape of “sky pods”.
It looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.
Spacious french window and ultra modern interior design.
The magnificent and breathtaking scenery in the distance is unobstructed.
Made of composite materials with built-in heating function.
The interior is filled with elements from the space age.
Retro details and luxurious and elegant furniture.
It is an ultra luxurious living experience and a once in a lifetime adventure.

Hotel experiences include wide wheeled snow bikes and climbing ice capped island peaks.
Skiing, rope descent, ice climbing, mountaineering exploration.
Snowy motorcycle journey, polar truck hunting, explorer crossing, etc.

A detailed guide on how to get to Antarctica ❗ :
1.How to go? I usually choose Ushuaia in Argentina or Ponta Arenas in Chile to board the ship to Antarctica, which requires crossing the Devil’s Strait of Drake and is prone to seasickness. Bring your seasickness medicine with you.
2.Do I need a visa? Antarctica does not belong to any country, but a corresponding country visa is required before boarding a ship from Argentina or Chile to Antarctica. Chile is exempt from visa applications with US visas, while Argentina’s application for electronic visas is relatively simple.
3. How can I buy a discounted shipping ticket? Sometimes there are discounted tickets available on the official website of the squatting boat company. Or fly to Ushuaia, Argentina and wait through the local authorities.
4. Cold or not? I usually go to Antarctica from December to March, which is the summer in Antarctica, usually around 0 degrees Celsius, and it’s not as cold as our Northeast.
5. How to wear it? With thick waterproof assault jackets and pants, the cruise ship will send a free assault jacket. Other warm underwear, outdoor warm socks, hats, gloves, etc., remember to wear sunscreen, as UV rays are very strong.
6.How much does it cost? The cheapest gameplay is over 50000 yuan, while the expensive one is over 70000 yuan. There are domestic round-trip tickets to South America and Antarctic boat tickets, and you need to get a last minute boat ticket to squat, usually to the Antarctic Peninsula.
7. What are you looking at? Various penguins, seals, walruses, seals, humpback whales, and so on.
8. What are you playing with? You can explore the Antarctic continent, observe penguins from afar, hike, cruise glaciers, experience kayaking, dive, and even chase whales, which is very exciting.
9. How to choose a cruise ship? According to the passenger capacity, the maximum landing in Antarctica cannot exceed 100 people at a time. If it exceeds 500 people, it is not allowed to land. All 100 people can land, and the rest must land in batches, which will greatly reduce the landing time. Budget sufficient, choose a small boat with 100 people.
10.Where do you live in Antarctica? I stayed on a cruise ship all the way, and my food and drink were also on board. Apart from exploring the Antarctic continent, if conditions are good, I can consider staying at Echo Camp.