French Royal Garden Resort Series 💐 Saint Tropez Aristocratic experience
🏨 Castle Messedier Hotel (Chateau de la Messardi e re)

Both owned by Airelles and the Palace of Versailles, the hotel offers panoramic views over the Bay of Saint-Tropez, the vineyards of the La Martiere Nature Reserve and Pomplonna Beach, just three minutes from the beach and the city centre of Saint-Tropez.
Set on nearly 25 acres, this authentic 19th century castle features 57 suites and 60 rooms, all with balconies or private gardens. Breakfast can be enjoyed on the terrace of the rooms or on the beach, with views of the Port of Saint-Tropez.

The hotel’s restaurant “L ‘Acacia” specializes in sophisticated and rich southern cuisine, while the restaurant “Open Sky” by the pool serves a variety of delicious snacks, accompanied by the bright southern French sun. The hotel has two swimming pools, one is the iconic semi-circular pool and the other is the rectangular pool with panoramic views of the Pampelonne Bay.

The courtyard is also a good place to pass the time, lush green, can not name the small flowers, everywhere is full of vitality in the burst of feeling. Down the greenway, there’s a tree house that kids are crazy about.

The hotel can also rent MINI small jeeps, romantic baby Blue, each of which is a movie poster.