Homestay | Six Good Hotel in Swat, Norway
⛳ Address | Cool at the foot of Svaritisen Glacier in Meloy, northern Norway

🚩• Location
The hotel is located under the Svaritisen Glacier in the Arctic Circle of Norway.
Standing on a pole on the clear water surface of the Holandsfjorden Fjord at the bottom of the glacier.
Here is the ancient Swatison Glacier natural heritage within the Arctic Circle.
There are also endless summers and winters ignited by auroras.

📐• Design
The arc-shaped appearance of the building looks like the headquarters of the Apple spacecraft from a distance
Jointly created by globally renowned design company Sn ø hetta and Arctic exploration companies Asplan Viak and Skanska
The hotel design inspiration comes from the lives of local rural fishermen.
Integrating architecture with the environment, using natural materials to create buildings with excellent. Design sense
360 degree view of the spectacular scenery of Svaritisen Glacier every minute and second.
The transparent appearance not only creates a sense of openness.
More emphasis on eternal natural consciousness.

🕋• Room
Six Senses Svart with 94 guest rooms.
Combining futuristic design and technological innovation with simple organic materials.
Adopting a 360 ° circular viewing balcony design.
The interior presents a sustainable Nordic style space.
No touch technology can adapt to the psychological and health status of guests at any time.
Enable guest rooms to evoke a deep sense of happiness among guests through intuitive choices.

🔶• Public area
In addition to getting the top luxury hotel accommodation environment here.
And you can embark on an unforgettable fjord trip at Svaritisen Glacier.
Excellent ski slopes with different difficulty levels.
Glomfjord Fjord High Mountain Center located in Mel ø y City.
The escalator allows you to quickly reach the mountaintop, with an impeccable high-altitude view.
Listening to it, I was very tempted by the “Midnight Ice Climbing Hike”.
Bring equipment and traverse the ever-changing glacier landscape of the Arctic Circle.
Appreciate the profound cracks and incredible ice layers.
This is still a paradise for kayaking enthusiasts.
Bring a Gopro and capture a fresh perspective on the Norwegian fjord landscape.
If you are not interested in thrilling extreme sports such as skiing and rock climbing.
There is also a “fishing destination” not far from the hotel.
The national park has a large number of trout and Arctic salmon.
It’s simply a treasure trove of love for life, pursuit of challenge for oneself, hotel.